Handy Hints

400x200 Education in classroom

Handy Hints Upon Arrival

Meet & Greet:

  • To the right of the Museum’s front entrance is an assembly area for your group
  • Our education staff will begin the session by meeting and greeting you all outside
  • We will let you know if there is anything you need to bring along
  • We welcome parent helpers and encourage them to have an active role in the learning programme here at the museum

Buses & Parking:

  • Please use the bus bay in front of the Museum to unload and load your students
  • Bus parking is allocated close by as this bay has a 5 minute restriction
  • For other vehicles there is free parking in Government Gardens, as well as at the front, to the left and behind the Museum


  • It is best that all bags are either left back at school or on the vehicle your students arrived in

400x200 Education packages

Handy Hints During your Visit


  • Photography is permitted in certain areas. Staff will inform you on the policy of using still or video cameras.

Additional Information:

  • Venue Name: Rotorua Museum Te Whare Taonga o Te Arawa
  • Location: Oruawhata Drive, Government Gardens, Rotorua
  • Map:

Key Contacts:

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