Pinhole Camera Workshops Learn about pinhole cameras and produce a photo

Date: Sunday, 9 June 2019
Venue: Children’s Art House, Government Gardens

Time: 10.30am, 12pm and 1.

Price: $5

A fun and informative workshop where a pair, made up of an adult and a child, learn how to make a pinhole camera.

The workshop will take place on Sunday 9 June 2019 at the Children’s Art House (Government Gardens) with three sessions available: 10.30am, 12pm and 1.30pm.

Pairs will learn about pinhole cameras and how they work before being sent out into the Government Gardens to ‘take a photo’. Once complete they will be able to observe the developing phase, produce a photo and step inside a real camera obscura:

“when an image of a scene at the other side of a screen is projected through a small hole in that screen as a reversed and inverted image on a surface opposite to the opening.”

The price of the workshop is $5 per pair. To register your pair go to as numbers are limited.

Children taking part must be 8 years or over.

For further information please contact Rotorua Museum, phone 07 351 8055 or email




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