Rotorua Museum Youth Group

Aim of Youth Group

In 2023 Rotorua Museum developed the Rotorua Museum Youth Group – Te Pukenga Taiohi o Te Whare Taonga o Te Arawa.

The aim was to connect youth within our community that have an interest in the arts, museums and/or history, and support development in those areas.

The Rotorua Museum Youth Group will support the Museum in an advisory role with aspects of youth exhibition and event development, and give the youth involved the opportunity to learn more about this unique sector.

Roles within the group

Youth Group members were asked to vote for the roles of Youth Representative, and Deputy Youth Representative.

Representatives will be invited to Museum events, programmes and relevant community meetings, and may be asked to speak and/or give their opinion on kaupapa, from a youth perspective.

Matariki Maxwell-Mihinui was voted Youth Representative and Lily Tamati became Deputy Youth Representative.

Matariki wanted to be the Youth Representative to ensuring the legacy of Te Arawa is upheld and that Te Arawa traditions and customs are passed down to future generations. She believes that by actively participating in community initiatives and advocating for the preservation of her heritage, she can ensure a vibrant and thriving cultural identity for years to come. Additionally, Matariki is committed to fostering inclusivity and creating opportunities for all members of our community to contribute their unique perspectives and talents towards our collective growth and success.

Join the group

If anyone is interested in finding out more about the Rotorua Museum Youth Group – Te Pukenga Taiohi o Te Whare Taonga o Te Arawa please view the following info sheets, or email Canaan.

Rotorua Museum Youth Groups Roles and Responsibilities
Rotorua Museum Youth Group Registrations and Consent

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