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DISCOVER: Hatupatu’s Maze A computational thinking activity

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Venue: Fun at Home!

Create a maze using the story of Hatupatu's esape from the Birdwoman as inspiration. Then challenge someone in your bubble to navigate it.

What you need:

*A character either a Lego man/car/animal
*Paper and a pen/pencil

Building the Maze:

Use Lego to create a maze that shows Hatupatu’s escape from Kurungaituku the Birdwoman. You can read the whole story here.

The Challenge:

Challenge another person in your bubble (or via internet) to write instructions that will get the character through the maze. BUT they can only use the symbols  ← ↑ → ↓

When they give you their instructions, you can guide the character through the maze following their instructions. Remember to follow the instructions exactly as they are written. If the character crashes get your volunteer to try their instructions again.

You could send us a video of your character following the instructions (even if they are the wrong ones) or a photo of your maze by using the Share your Learning button below.


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