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DISCOVER - Patterns In Nature Why do some plants and animals have patterns?

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Look into the amazing world of nature around us by learning about patterns in nature. Have fun completing a project that will make you think more about patterns by making your own photo collage.

What is this mysterious object?

The patterns may give you a clue.

Patterns can be found on many animals, plants and even fungi (like mushrooms) too.

Did you know that fungi are not plants or animals, they belong to the fungi kingdom.

Why are the patterns there?

  • They can help an animal hide.

  • They can help a plant grow.

Did you know that you can count each ring in the pattern of this tree trunk to tell you how old the tree is? Each year the tree grows another ring of wood cells.

  • Patterns can protect a plant or animal from enemies.

Did you know that the mimic octopus can use its patterns and movement to look like more than 35 animals.

This Passiflora leaf uses a pattern of yellow dots that look like butterfly eggs. The butterfly chooses a different plant with no eggs on its leaves.

Activity Sheets

Now you have learnt about patterns in nature  you can have a go at the activity sheets below. If you are unsure on some of the instructions then ask an adult for help. Read carefully: You have two options. If you have a printer and are able to print out the sheets choose this one:

Time To Be An Artist – Printer Option

If you don’t have a printer then choose this one. You will need to download an app from the app store. Please make sure you have an adult’s permission before you do so.

Time To Be An Artist – Phone App Option


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