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Ask a parent or adult about a family treasure or taonga that may be in your home.

A family treasure or taonga doesn’t have to be something expensive or rare. It is any object that holds meaning for your family. The object can tell a story of important family events, or remind us of people who came before us.

Sit somewhere comfortable with your adult to discuss the following:

  • What is your object?

  • Where does your object come from?

  • What do you think it is made from?

  • What was your object used for?

  • What would you ask the person in your family who originally owned it?

  • Why is it special to your family?

  • What do you wonder about it?

  • What do you think is going to happen to it in the future?

You may have a grandparent that you could contact to ask about a special taonga or treasure they have in their possession.

Show us what your object is and why it’s special to your whānau/family using the Share your Learning button below:

Get involved here: National Treasures

The Rotorua Museum Education Team run a fantastic programme for schools exploring these skills - check it out here



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