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When on holiday we may send a post card or post pictures online about the wonderful time we are having.

A tourist a hundred years ago however might have sent a piece of souvenir ware.

What is Souvenir Ware?

A small delicate porcelain china piece made in Europe that was made to be sold in far away tourist places.

Today we might look at this as slightly odd or strange but back in those times it was the thing to do.

Most tourists travelling were very wealthy so wanted to collect things that would remind them of their overseas trips. They also wanted to give gifts that would let people know where they had visited.

Souvenir ware can be plates, saucers, jugs, bowls, sugar basins, vases, salt and pepper cellars, ashtrays, tea pot stands, egg cups, candlestick holders, shaving mugs and trinket boxes.

The images on them were probably taken from popular postcards.

The outbreak of World War 1 in 1914 stopped the souvenir ware craze, and by 1935 the trade had virtually died. Today souvenir ware is a collectable item and we have approximately 235 pieces in our Rotorua Museum collection. Check some of them out here

Here is a fun activity to create your own souvenir ware as a memory of your favourite holiday!

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