Year 1 – 10 Programmes

Te Arawa Journeys

Always on

Curriculum links: Social Sciences and Technology
Suitable for: Year 1 -8 students
Duration: 2 hours

Step back in time to rediscover one well known Te Arawa journey. Examine the difference between a holiday and a journey, explore with hands on items what was required to survival on a journey long ago and have a go at creating unplugged/plugged coding instructions to replicate how the chosen journey progressed from point A to B.

Teachers choose one of the following to focus on:

1) Ihenga and the discovery of Rotoiti/Rotorua

2) Ngatoroirangi and the Coming of Fire

3) Hatupatu and Kurungaituku (Birdwoman)

4) Tamatekapua and voyage from Hawaiiki


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