Rotorua Museum invites you to write a short story about some of the items from the collection

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Rotorua Museum cares for more than 55,000 objects and photographs. Some of these have fantastic stories behind them and some of them have no information whatsoever. A third group have scattered tempting nuggets of information which make the staff wonder “What’s the story?”

The team selected some of these items and are inviting people to fill in the gaps by writing fictional short stories about the items.

Some of the objects include a photo of the first ever electric kettle in Rotorua from 1910, and the contents of a writing case which includes a set of fleams (for blood-letting), along with various train, ship, theatre and racecourse tickets, pieces of gold and a notebook. What story can you conjure up about this strange selection of objects?


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