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AquaBots Underwater robotics

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Curriculum links: Digital Technology, Technology, Math, Science, English
Suitable for: Year 4—13 students
Teams of students build an AquaBot to take part in competition where robots complete various underwater tasks.

What is AquaBots?
AquaBots is an underwater robotics programme for school-aged children in New Zealand. It aims to inspire students and help discover the next generation of Kiwi scientists and engineers. Students form teams of three or four then build a PVC underwater robot to compete in a range of underwater tasks.

What is an AquaBots build day?
If this is your first time working with AquaBots or you would like to help your students come up with a unique design then a build day is for you. We will lead your teams through the build process leaving them with a functioning robot. It will take approximately four hours and include discussion on the rules and begin the preparation of the presentation and factsheet.

If you are based in Rotorua and have at least three school teams involved then we can bring our tools to you.

If you are based outside of Rotorua or have less than three teams then our build days are run in the Makerspace area at the Rotorua Library.

How can we book a build day?
Build days are available in 2020 from 20 July —17 August during school hours. Use our link to book a time.
*Please note that the build days do not qualify for the free Museum bus.

How much does it cost?
$200 – 1x Robotics kit, build day, entry to regional competition, teaching & learning guide (per team cost)
$40 – Build Day only (per team cost)
$40 - Teaching & learning guide only
$20 - Entry fee to Rotorua Regional (for teams who have not purchased a new kit in 2020)

When is the competition?
The 2020 Rotorua Regional AquaBots Competition is the Saturday 5 September (Primary Schools) and Sunday 6 September (Intermediate and High Schools).
AquaBots Nationals is usually the first weekend in November in Nelson.

What is the teaching & learning guide and why should I get it?
We have developed the teaching & learning guide to help you and your teams design and build your own robots. You may want to use AquaBots as a whole term project. This guide links to the NZ curriculum and breaks the project down into each step giving you the science and math background to deliver with confidence.

You might have gone through our basic build day last year and now want to help your teams design a unique robot, this guide can support you to do that. The guide also comes with a student build guide and student engineering journal. Email to order your teaching & learning guide.

How do I order AquaBots kits?
If you are intending to book a build day with us please place your order for an AquaBot kit with us by using our link

Otherwise please contact Ministry of Inspiration to order your kits via this link

I have AquaBots kits from last year. What should I do with it?
There are several options for what you can do with last year’s kit.
1) Hand it down—give it to younger students (Year 3-4) who can come up with a new attachment to fulfil the challenges but don’t need to worry about building the actual kit
2) Reuse it with the current team and amend the attachment for the new challenges
3) Strip the motors off and use the PVC pipe to redesign your robot then reattach the motors. Or purchase new PVC pipe and design your new robot and reattach the motors
4) Put it on a shelf as a cool bookend or sculpture

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