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Evolocity Designing electric go-karts

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Curriculum links: Digital Technology, Technology, Math, Science
Suitable for: Year 7—13 students
Stimulating awareness of electric transportation by building electric go-karts.

What is Evolocity?
Evolocity is about designing, building and racing electric go-karts. The aim is to stimulate innovation and awareness of electric transport.

What is a build day?
If this is your first time working with electric go-karts or you would like to help your students come up with a unique design then a build day is for you. We have several build days running through the year which will help your students come up with their design, select materials, prepare a budget, raise funds, learn to weld, learn to programme, support building and learn about electronics.

How can we book a build day?
Register your interest by emailing and you will be notified of the calendar of build days in mid-February. We strongly recommend you attend all build days however they are not compulsory. All the Rotorua teams will be invited to the build days.
*Please note Evolocity build days do not qualify for the free Museum bus.

When is the competition?
The Bay of Plenty Regional Evolocity Competition is late September 2020.
Evolocity Nationals is usually the first weekend in December and is likely to be in the South Island this year.

How much does it cost?
$510 – 1x Motor kit, all build days and teaching & learning guide
$40 - Teaching & learning guide only
$20 - Entry fee to Bay of Plenty/Waikato Regional competition (per team cost)

What is the teaching & learning guide and why should I get it?
We have developed the teaching & learning guide to help you and your teams design and build your own electric go-karts. You may want to use Evolocity as a whole term project.

This guide links to the NZ curriculum and breaks the project down into each step giving you the science and math background to deliver with confidence. The guide also comes with a student engineering journal. Email to order your teaching & learning guide.

How do I order motor kits?
You can purchase your kits through Evolocity NZ via this link or if you have a new team in 2020 we have a very limited supply of sponsored kits from RECT. We will be in touch with qualifying schools.

What else do I need to supply?
You will need to supply all the building materials your teams will be using. This can be recycled and donated items like bike wheels and shopping trolleys or brand new purchased items. We recommend having teams prepare a budget and determine fundraising options to purchase those items.

I know nothing about cars or welding!
Never fear. Our build days and teaching & learning guide are designed to support beginners and professionals alike. We will be working with industry mentors who can support your teams with practical tasks such as welding and you as the teacher with how car design works.

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