Year 1 – 10 Programmes

Let’s Get Coding - Digital Technology (all ages)

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Venue: Te Aka Mauri Makerspace

Curriculum link: Digital Technology NCEA L1,2,3 Computational Thinking Progress Outcome 1 and 2
Suitable for: Year 1 - 10
Duration: 1-2 hours

Whether it’s a brand new introduction for primary students or a refresh for high school students.

We can tailor our coding programme to the age and experience of your students.
During this programme students will create at least one complete working game using an application appropriate to their age and experience (e.g. Scratch Jn, Scratch, Python, HTLM and CSS).

For senior high school students this is a great way to reintroduce them to skills prior to starting their programming standard.

For junior primary we can use Scratch Jr (you will need to bring along your own iPad/tablets with the app downloaded) and runs for 1 hour only. We can supply up to 10 devices but students work best on 1:1 devices

Students will get a follow up project to takeaway with them and teachers can take away two additional projects.


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