Year 1 – 10 Programmes

Mixed Media Fun: Māori Artworks formally called Contemporary Māori Artists

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Curriculum Links: Visual Arts
Suitable for: Year 1 - 10
Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

What makes the work of contemporary Māori artists stand out from other artworks?

Students will explore works made by Rotorua artists. The artists will include not only painters but those working in media such as whakairo (carving), and raranga (weaving).

Following in the footsteps of these contemporary artists students will be involved in the process of creating their own innovative and meaningful artwork.

Students will consider how Māori art often shows:

  • Māori knowledge (mātauranga Māori)

  • Balance with, not dominance over nature

  • Māori are people of the land (tangata whenua)

  • Importance of ancestors (tūpuna)

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