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Robocup Junior Program robots to complete tasks

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Curriculum links: Digital Technology, Technology, Math, English, Drama
Suitable for: Year 4—13 students
A national robotics competition for students using various programmes robotic platforms to complete tasks.

What is Robocup Junior?
Robocup Jnr includes two competitions. Rescue has students design, build and programme a self-driving robot which will navigate along a line identifying and moving objects as well as avoiding obstacles. Theatre has students design, code and develop a two minute play or dance with robots as the actors.

What is a Robocup Jnr Theatre Workshop?
If this is your first time working with Robocup Jnr Theatre or if you would like to help your students come up with a unique design then a workshop series is for you. We will lead your teams through the 4x two hour workshops which cover designing your play.

If you are based in Rotorua and have at least three teams involved we can bring our workshop to you.

If you are based outside of Rotorua or have less than three teams involved then please contact us for workshop options by emailing

How can we book a workshop?
Workshops are available in 2020 all year. Use our link to book a time.
*Please note that only one workshop session held at the Makerspace qualifies for the free Museum bus

How much does it cost?
$40 - Teaching & learning guide only
$40 - Entry fee to regional competition (per team cost)
Out of town schools costs apply to workshops

When is the competition?
The Bay of Plenty/Waikato Regional Robocup Jnr Competition is 27 June 2020.
Robocup Jnr Nationals is usually the mid-September in Dunedin.

What is the teaching & learning guide and why should I get it?
We have developed the teaching & learning guide to help you and your teams design and code your own Theatre projects. You may want to use Robocup Jnr Theatre as a whole term project. This guide links to the NZ curriculum and breaks the project down into each step giving you the math, technoglogy and drama background to deliver with confidence.

You might have gone through our introduction to robotics (Robotics 101) in past years and now want to help your teams develop their first play, this guide can support you to do that. The guide also comes with a student engineering journal. Email to order your teaching & learning guide.

Do I need my own robots?
No. We have enough Edison robots that we will bring with us for the workshop sessions. If you have your own equipment we are happy to help you use that.

What else do we need to provide?
Bases for each team to use. We recommend Corflute. They need to be 1.8m x 1.8m. We also recommend saving small boxes, chicken wire and general art supplies to help design sets.

I have bases from last year. What do I do with them?
Flip the boards over and have your new teams use that side, or spray paint over the top of the old stuff. Those bases can be used over and over again.

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