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DISCOVER - How to Make Tints And why they are useful

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Learn about tints: how to make them and how to use them.

In the following video you will:

  • Discover what a tint is and how to make a tint

  • Gain insights into why tints are really useful when used in artwork and designs

 After this video there are five practical art activities. For deeper learning you may decide to do only one activity but as a suggestion you should try all five.

For the practical art activities you will need:

  • paint (NB you need at least one colour and white).

  • paint brush/es

  • a paint palette (a piece of baking paper works brilliantly as a palette)

  • container of water

  • paper towels

  • a printer (or alternatively copy the activities onto sheets of A4 paper or cartridge by hand)

  • pencil

  • extra pastels and ruler

Activity - Create a scale of tints

Activity - Tints can be used to highlight where light falls on an object

Activity - Tints can be used to lighten an area

Activity - Tints can be used to give the illusion of a 3D form

Activity - Tints can often be used in design

The images in the video and accompanying activities are from the following sources: Elizabeth Chan Y13 Design Portfolio (; Website example (; Banana and flower (; Jellytip (; Palmolive (; Tom Brown painting (


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