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Delivering Programmes Under The COVID-19 Protection Framework (CFP)

We are able to deliver under all stages of the traffic light (CPF) system. The documents below also include a declaration on the vetting of vaccinations and current vaccine passes by schools (venue specific). It is a Rotorua Lakes Council requirement that all visitors 12 years, three months and older must show a valid vaccine pass when entering a council venue.

COVID-19 RED Precautions – Te Rūnanga Tea House
COVID-19 RED Precautions – Rotorua Library
COVID-19 RED Precautions – Rotorua Arts Village
COVID-19 RED Precautions – Outreach In Schools

RAMS & Handy Hints

These RAMS and Handy Hints are generic versions available for download. Programme specific documents will be emailed with final booking confirmation:

RAMs for Children’s Art House
RAMs for Rotorua Energy Events Centre
RAMs for Rotorua Lakes Council
RAMs for Sulphur Point
RAMs for Te Rūnanga Tea House

Te Reo Māori Wharewhare Bingo

Find the items and learn words in te reo Māori.
Te Reo Māori Wharewhare Bingo

Te Kemu Kōwhiri – The Choosing Game

A fun favourite with a different spin and perspective. Download the instructions and the relevant Kemu Kowhiri by age. Follow the steps written on the pages in order to play this fun game.
Instructions – Te Kemu Kowhiri
Ages 5 – 8 – Te Kemu Kowhiri
Ages 9+ – Te Kemu Kowhiri

Te Reo Māori Memory Game

Improve your Te Reo Māori vocabulary by playing this game with others. Try and match the cards by memory, locating where the cards are.
The player with the most cards by the end of the game wins.
Te Reo Maori Memory Game

Prepare A Pepeha In Scratch

This activity allows you to explore coding in a fun and relevant way by looking at pepeha.
Prepare A Pepeha In Scratch

Initiatives created for Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori. Kia Kaha te Reo Māori

400x200 Mount Tarawera

Teacher Resources

In this section you can download pre and post-visit information for a selection of our programmes

Rotorua Schools – Term 1 & 2 2022 Booklet

BOP Schools – Term 1 & 2 2022 Booklet

Other Resources

Maori Battalion Teachers Resource (Social Science (Y3 – 10) 0r NCEA History)

Te Oranga Tuturu o Te Arawa Resource (Early way of life for Te Arawa Māori)

Tarawera Digital Resource

Digital Store House of Te Arawa Stories

Ngā Haerenga o Te Arawa – Te Arawa Journeys

Legend -Ihenga the Name Giver
Legend – Ngatoroirangi and the Coming of Fire
Legend – Hatupatu and Kurungaituku
Legend -Voyage from Hawaiiki

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